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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our bodies are home to a network of meridians and collateral channels where Qi (energy), Blood and Body Fluids circulate. Keeping these vital substances strong and moving properly throughout the channels ensures we have a healthy body. When Qi cannot flow freely, Acupuncturists believe that illness and pain can occur. Acupuncture helps regulate our bodies functions by inserting ultra fin needles into specific acupuncture points along the meridians. TCM Acupuncturists aim to stimulate the flow of energy, restore balance and harmony and activate the body?s own powerful ability to heal naturally. The stress and trauma we experience in life can easily upset the body?s natural equilibrium, manifesting itself in both physical and mental chronic conditions. Using ancient diagnostic methods, Acupuncture can pin point those imbalances and current them, allowing us to be free from illness and pain.

Rebeka Coverdale highly trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Acupuncture and a wide range of Massage Therapies, providing her clients with an holistic and alternative approach to better health.

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