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mBT is a shoe but not in the ordinary sense - it is a revolutionary health and fitness aid from masai Barefoot Technology. A lot of muscular-skeletal problems originate in poor posture and faulty gait patterns. mBT gets to the root of these problems. The uniquely  designed sole, combined with correct training, achieves a more active and healthy posture and gait.

mBT changes the way you use your muscles, improving the use of your joints and spine and is suitable for everyone - gentle active rolling, instead of repeated compression, leads to relaxed natural standing and comfortable active walking. Muscle tensions decrease as the muscles become more balanced. mBT has been classified as a medical device class 1 in the EC.

Lisa Tomlinson is a teacher of Body Control Pilates with 14 years experience in the fitness industry. She is trained in the application of mBT for maximum benefits in health. 

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